April 9th, 2008

wear a mask, elhoffer

List for today/rest of week

A list, because I need one.
  • Adv. Dig Paper
    • write up each collection based on NISO Principles, with information currently at hand
      • Principle 2
      • Principle 3
      • Principle 4
      • Principle 5
      • Principle 6
      • Principle 7
      • Principle 8
      • Principle 9
    • Get in touch with Collection managers if haven't gotten emails from by 4pm today to see about answering questions sent out last week
      • Living Room Candidate - talked to Stupid Receptionist™ 2 times before making it clear that "his mail box is full" meant that no matter how many times you transfered me to it, it still wouldn't let me leave a message. The 3rd time I talked to him he took a message for me.
      • Folkstreams - sent a second email - got response, finally

  • Digital Media Collections
    • Do readings for tomorrow
    • CTG
      • Participate on wiki (specifically about Web 2.0 ideas)
    • Texas Past
      • Fix up ERD and Data Dictionary
      • Start figuring how to map fields to Dublin Core

  • New Media Research paper
    • Find/read through more forum posts
    • Look into reading suggested by prof

  • House stuff
    • Empty/refill dishwasher
    • Do warm wash
    • Eat lunch
    • Prep chicken for dinner? - used the Forman so it was okay that the chicken was still frozen.
    • Avoid reading Tangled Webs - I fail at this, as I am currently on page 160 finished it today.
OK, I can do this.
no workee

tv meme

Cause I currently fail at focusing on anything school related, here's a meme.

These are the best TV show according to...umm...some source.
1. Bold the shows you've watched every episode of
2. Italic the shows you've seen at least one episode of
3. Post your answers

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