June 8th, 2008

wear a mask, elhoffer


Here is an abbreviated version of what's happened this week: I'm having a good time in New Orleans. My capstone is going really well. I've been scanning like crazy. The scanner is not the best and casts a slight red/magenta tint onto most things, but that's okay because i've gotten good at color correcting it. My mom's been making home made ice cream sandwiches, the most recent batch had coffee ice cream in it. I had crawfish and a poboy last night. I got to play Rock Band with my sister. I helped my mom sort her baking pans (yes this is a big deal cause she has a lot of them).

This morning I wrenched something in the area of my right shoulder. My should was already hurting a little bit from the workout DVD i'd been doing and I'm sure that sitting at a desk where I couldn't get my legs under the table and constantly leaning down next to it to put things on/take things off/adjust things on the scanner wasn't helping. So when I reached for my cell phone to turn off my alarm on it (yay for cell phone alarm clocks) I pulled something. All of a sudden there was a ton of pain from just under my skull to my shoulder blade. It hurts. When I lie on my back, I can't raise my head up. To help it I took a hot bath and a warm shower. I got pack of Icy-Hot patches to wear while at work and have been popping the aleeve. Yup. I went to work today. I had to. I only have a few more days in New Orleans and there's a lot left to do. But I left early and tomorrow is the day off. But the thing that helped the most was that aenelein came over and gave me a really amazing massage. He gives good massages and it was just what i needed. Okay, time to go to sleep and hope that I feel somewhat better in the morning cause I have to go shopping with my sister for professional clothing for the conference next week.

oh, and to top it all off I got my period today...