February 10th, 2009


Flash storm

I was out with friends at a pub. It was nice enough out (and very loud in the pub) that we all decided to move outside to covered table. We were having a great conversation and it was nicely warm, with a warm breeze. All of a sudden there was this really cold wind and the temperature just dropped. We started to hurry inside and as we were walking in these huge rain drops started falling. From the time it took us to walk across the room to the door to the parking lot, it had pouring out. I made a mad dash to my car and started driving home in the pouring rain. It was raining so hard that at times it was hard to find the lines on the road. There was really intense lighting too. One time when I was at a stoplight I could have sworn that it was hail that was hitting my car.

What really sucked was that I had to go grocery shopping before I went home or we'd have no breakfast tomorrow. Luckily I got a spot close to the entrance to the store, found the umbrella that we keep in the car, and was able to dash to the store without getting too wet. By the time I finished my shopping the rain had stopped. The roads were still wet on the way home, but not too bad.