April 10th, 2009

wear a mask, elhoffer

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  • 12:43 In a panel on World of Warcraft. Was just in one where there was a paper on Kushiel's Avatar. #pcaaca09 #wow
  • 16:32 Presentation on Lost with @queencimmy went well. There were really great papers on fandom. Now at a panel on Festivals and Faires. #pcaaca09
  • 18:12 ZOMG, that last panel rocked!! As always, rennies and con goers are awesome. #pca2009
  • 18:16 @AmyKB everywhere in New Orleans is over air-conditioned. I think it's because it's so hot out that that have to compinsate. #pca2009
  • 21:34 At Dick & Jennies for dinner. Had salmon with forbidden rice. I feel so counter-culture.
  • 00:28 Apparently Twitter Search hates me. *sigh*
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