April 11th, 2009

wear a mask, elhoffer

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  • 10:09 At a panel on theatre. First paper is on using pop songs to represent a Greek chorus. @simpsonsparadox jealous?
  • 10:19 "You have all of these sheep and satrys singing this weird version of 'Home On the Range'". #pca2009
  • 12:07 Just found money on the street. Hope it fell out of a strippers g-string.
  • 15:30 RT: @drhorrible: Dollhouse Ep 13 bottom line: If more people watch Dollhouse LIVE, the higher our chances for a 2nd season(AKA airing 13).
  • 19:48 @ FoxBroadcasting Thanks for the Dollhouse links. Please bring the show back next season and please air "Epitaph One."
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Hansen's Sno-Bliz

In New Orleans

I'm in New Orleans.

Came in on Wednesday (after plane was delayed do to hydraulic fluid). Had to go to Crabby Jacks and Hansen's.

Thursday queencimmy and were presenting a paper on Producer-Fan Interaction in Lost at the 2009 PCAACA National Conference. Our presentation went really well. Afterwards someone even came up to us and asked us if we had a copy of our paper, which was cool. I also went to panels on WoW and D&D, Ren Faires & Cons, and "Theatre: The Lighter Side." Some of the papers were good but a lot of them left me wondering where the author was going or what the point was. It's called writing an academic paper people.

Friday we ducked out of the conference early. Mom and I spent a nice evening together.

Today has been prep for seder day. Started the tzimmis nice and early in the crockpot. Now have the chicken soup on the stove with the matzo balls mix cooling in the freezer. House is starting to smell extra yummy.