May 3rd, 2009


First week of work and a busy weekend

Last week was my first week of work at Convio. I really like it there so far. The atmosphere and the people are great. There's a real sense of helping others. I sit next to circoea, who started the same day that I did. She's really awesome. We've totally bonded. We'll see how things go in the next few weeks, as I learn more about how to do my job and the responsibilities that come with it, but over all I'm really happy that we made the decision that we did.

On Friday night I came home, fed the cats, and promptly fell asleep until almost 9pm. QOTJ was awesome and picked me up around 10 and we went to ripresa's party where a good time was had by all. Didn't get home until almost 3am.

On Saturday I woke up too early by accident. Around noon I went with a group of friends to a house that a non-profit that I'm involved with is leasing and helped work on it. We're in the "getting it ready for painting" stage. Might go out again next weekend.

After a brief rest at home, during which I got to watch Bride and Prejudice, I went out to another party. Had a great time there. Didn't get home until after 1:30am.

Today lordaerith got back from visiting gailmom and we went out to lunch with last_bastion and raenshadoe (who were in town, yay!), as well as noeticist, FireCat, and friends.

Now is downtime and probably WoW, although we have some errands to run.