June 4th, 2009

BA just born with mommy

Tweet tweet tweet

  • 08:39 RT: @galateabot: President Obama declares June 2009 as LGBT Pride Month. trunc.it/c2qv
  • 09:39 Just found hubby's nephew on Facebook and sent him a friend request. Am now creepy old aunt!
  • 11:23 @simpsonsparadox, @darktouch You sure you're thinking of me and not my hubby???
  • 12:35 @simpsonsparadox I'm not that creepy. Weird, eccentric, and maybe a bit too blunt sometimes, but creepy?? Well, you smell funny!
  • 15:58 @doug_stuart I'm the first hit for my name on Bing also. After me: singers, actors, and a City of Heroes NPC.
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