June 25th, 2009

BA just born with mommy

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  • 07:56 RT: @STorrence: I think I'm enjoying this too much: Math Limericks - www.trottermath.net/humor/limricks.html
  • 07:58 @jephjacques Men are totally allowed to giggle. I think it's the cutest thing in the world when hubby giggle/squees while reading a book.
  • 08:59 RT: @strontium87: Wow! @msofficeus is breaking HTML email by using Word to display emails in Outlook 2010. See fixoutlook.org and RT
  • 11:22 @Allin1BakeShop So glad you had the Tropical Fish pan. It was a big hit at the birthday party: is.gd/1c4JV
  • 16:02 But @simpsonsparadox, mine have sparkles and flowers.
  • 18:15 Watching the Transformers preshow @drafthouse. Lots of clips of the show and Robot Chicken. Found out I don't like Klingon Blood Wine.
  • 22:06 ZOMG, live action Air Bender movie. Squeeeee
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