August 9th, 2009

wedding-happy couple

starting to get our move on

On Friday I went by and picked up the keys to the house that lordaerith and I are going to be renting. Friday night we went by with a few small things and went through the place deciding which room was going to be what and were big items should live.

Today while lordaerith had to work, I brought over a few more things. After he got home from work, we brought over a few more (like the dinning room, well now kitchen, table). Now we have a staging area for boxes.

I'm really glad that we decided to start our lease near the beginning, instead of the end, of August. Our past two moves had to be done so quickly that it feels like quite a luxury to have almost a whole month.

I believe that the current plan is to go through each of the rooms in the apartment one at a time, box up all of the non-essentail items in that room and get them over there (and unpacked if possible - so we can reuse boxes). That way only the essentials & heavy stuff will be left for the last weekend of August.

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