August 18th, 2009

BA just born with mommy

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  • 10:28 This morning I left my access card at home. Had to go back for it. Then I decorated my cube to be my own little art gallery. #fb
  • 12:23 RT: @feliciaday: Video is up! #datemyavatar Please us hashtag to help us Trend! And rate and favorite :)
  • 12:29 RT: @theguild: #datemyavatar is #6 in top 100 iTunes pop music videos & #19 in all music videos (US).Let's get #1.
  • 13:27 iTunes: Today is a Tori Amos day. Me: It is? iTunes: Yes. I am always right. #fb
  • 15:08 RT: @feliciaday: I've posted the lyrics on our website, latest blog entry in you're interested: #datemyavatar
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