August 26th, 2009

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  • 15:54 RT @samuelyu Off to our team building activity: a viewing of a cinematic classic all about working as a team - GIJOE #fb
  • 17:46 This is why you never brainwash, hypnotize, or marry the princess. You KILL HER! #fb #gijoe
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DC, Wedding, and Gah!

Over the weekend, lordaerith and I traveled to DC for my eldest cousin's wedding. Met up with queencimmy at the airport and her GPS took us by a house with a large Longhorn flag in front of it. Can't seem to get away from Texas. Picked up mom late that night. On Saturday met up with alysonwonderlan and darktouch and finally got to meet their Little Guy. Went to pre-wedding dinner that night. Sunday was the wedding and the reception which were very nice. Sunday night went out to dinner with family and Monday morning there was breakfast at Aunt and Uncle's. Didn't get time to do tourist stuff, but got to spend lots of time with family, which was good as I don't get to do that nearly often enough.

Yesterday, after I went to see GI Joe with my team from work, lordaerith and I went to Ikea and picked up couches for our new place. Hurray for new couches so we don't have to move our old crappy falling apart ones. Got some paper sorting done before bed last night.

Still have tons of packing and moving to do. The next few nights will be completely mostly devoted to that. Saturday is moving day. Sunday is cleaning old place day. Gah!!!