September 30th, 2009

wear a mask, elhoffer

Tweets from yesterday

  • 10:07 Hurray for @pandora_radio & my Led Zeppelin station. It's just want I wanted this morning. I'll even forgive it playing Pink Floyd. #fb
  • 13:30 Just found out that my @smithcollege's house theme for Convocation this year was "Hannah Lamont-anas." *Dies a little inside*. #fb
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Miranda as Dr. Horrible


As many of you know, my friend bellebet writes a comic called Swiftriver (which if you're not reading, you should be! There's even an LJ feed - swift_river). Today she came out with wallpaper of Miranda dressed as Dr. Horrible. It was so cool that I asked her to make me an icon and she did!
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