November 20th, 2009

violet - incredibles

Shaken, but okay.

Both lordaerith and I are fine.

This morning as we were driving down Parmer to go to work, a deer ran across the road and into the right front side of our car. The car still runs, but the front fender panels are dented, the front passenger door is bent and won't open, and there is some cosmetic damage to the back passenger door. Also there was a noise of the front passenger tire scrapping the wheel well as we took corners on our way to get me to work.

Aerith headed to work and called the insurance company from there (I know because the claim is already in the online system & he just texted me about it). We have some rental coverage which is good because Aerith's car is still in the shop.

Of course I feel crazy guilty about all of this because we were running late because I realized as we started to leave the house that I'd left my access pass for work on my desk and had to run back in to get it. Also, I saw the deer a split second before it hit us so I'm wondering if I had said anything if we could have avoided it. Now, if I hadn't had to go back, something else might have happened. And if I had said something, maybe Aerith would have swerved just a little and then the deer would have hit the passenger door instead of the front of the car and I would have been seriously injured. And if, and if, and if...

Also, after we pulled over on the side of the road to give the car a quick check (making sure we hadn't poped a tire or anything really bad), we didn't look back to check for the deer. Of course by the time we actually got over, we probably couldn't have seen the deer anyway, and so now part of me worries that it wasn't a deer. But I know that I saw a deer because my brain went "DEER!" a second before it all happened.

So, yeah, I'm pretty shaken and my right thigh is just a touch sore and the car will need to go into the shop (which it needed to do anyway), but over all, we came out of this one okay.

Also, for the past several days I've been really jumpy about things on the right side of the car when we've been driving. Guess I don't have to be jumpy anymore.