December 4th, 2009

Richard diversion


Yup, it's snowing here in Austin, TX. And for real snowing too. Like you look out the window and there's a lot of it coming down. At an angle. But it's not sticking/melting when it hits the ground.

When I saw the snow I tweeted:
Dear Massachusetts, why are we having your weather? Are you willing to trade back? XOXO Austin, TX.

My favorite response so far (from circusrunaway):
Dear Austin, TX. Our snow ran off without permission. Please return, ASAP. Sunny weather as a reward. Love, Massachusetts.
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Miranda as Dr. Horrible

Holiday card time again

I really really plan to send out holiday cards with a holiday letter this year. I know I said that last year and didn't...but this year I'm determined. Especially because we have two different kinds of cards, one naughty and one nice. The naughty cards are NSFW.

If you want one, please leave your address below or tell me where I can find it and let me know if you've been naughty or nice. (Responses are screened). If I sent you one in previous years and your address hasn't changed, you don't need to leave me your address again (but feel free to express a card preference).

As always, my current contact information can be found on a friends-only post on my birthday (the only post from 1979). Remember, lordaerith and I moved in August.