March 24th, 2010



lordaerith and I went to the dentist yesterday for a preliminary visit. Haven't been in 4 years, not for lack of dental insurance or from fear of dentists, but from fear of finding a new dentist. See, I loved my dentist that I had when I a kid and I loved my dentist in Massachusetts (after going to one once that I didn't like). So I was scared of trying to find one that a. I liked and that b. took my insurance. It's a lot harder to find a dentist in a BIG city because there are so many damn choices (also, every time I got a recommendation, that person wasn't on my insurance...). Anyway, finally picked one. I like that this place is willing to see Aerith and I at the same time.

The result of the trip: NO CAVITIES (haha!) but I do need to floss more often. Also, I grind my teeth pretty badly at night ( we know our source of jaw tightness/popping). So badly that I've worn down the point on my right canine. Also, they took digital pictures and showed them to me so I could see where some of the enamel was being worn off of my teeth in the back on the right. Which was actually kinda cool. When do you ever get to look at your teeth close-up like that? Final conclusion: have an appointment in two weeks for a cleaning and to get fitted for a nightguard.

Aerith also has no cavities (we are awesome!) but has a dead tooth and so that will need some work.

Blissful Yoga Experience

Today at yoga I had 3 amazing experiences that I want to write down before the feeling goes away.

The first experience was when we were sitting at the beginning of class with our hands pressed together at the heart (anjali mudra) and sang "Om" three times. When I started singing it the first time, there was this double outline of gold around and above me in the shape of a seated goddess with a round, womanly belly. It was a feeling light and joy and being enveloped inside of the Goddess. The vision and feeling continued throughout the chanting.

The second experience was when we were doing pigeon pose. We had done it already with the left leg in front and it was alright. Then we switched over to the right leg in front and the left leg behind us. I brought my hands a little further forward than where they started and lifted my heart up and all of a sudden I was in yoga pose bliss. I was just so happy to be exactly as I was that I couldn't stop smiling. Normally I have somewhat of a hard time supporting myself with my arms for a long time, but I felt as if I could have stayed there forever. It was amazing! Just totally amazing.

The third experience happened almost directly after the second when I came down from stretching out in downwards facing dog into child's pose. I saw golden light behind my eyes and just felt love for everyone, acceptance of others love, and the willingness to give my love and accept their love in whatever forms and however much it is possible without any judgement on quantity.

I tried to hold on to that last feeling for as long as possible, but as the weather turned rainy and I had trouble with another pose, it became harder. However, by writing it down, I'm remembering what those experiences felt like and I know in my heart that I am open to them and can and will have them again.