March 30th, 2010

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Fun weekend

Friday night lordaerith went to go see How to Train Your Dragon. It was a fairly typical kids movie plot, but ZOMG SO CUTE! Want dragon!!! We went to the Lake Creek Drafthouse where that night they were also playing all three Evil Dead movies and so some of the waitstaff were dressed up like zombies. It was truly awesome.

Saturday we headed over to pyroyo007's for his annual crawfish boil (after feeding byskwik's cats). We were only going to stay for a little while, but I ended up staying for a long time (Aerith had another thing, so he left and then came back). Mmmm...crawfish.

That night we were going to do one of the 4 or 5 different things that we knew of, but we were so dead from the day that we came home, had ice cream and crashed (after feeding byskwik's cats).

Sunday I got up and went to a brunch meeting (after feeding byskwik's cats). After the meeting I drove home, picked up lordaerith and our Ren garb and headed out to Sherwood Forest Faire. Took us about an hour to get there (we got a little confused a few times...especially because the right turn after turning off of 290 isn't well marked) and another 20 or so to get dressed due to laces and winds and dust.

The faire itself was really nice. I think it was a great size with lots of artists, vendors, musicians, etc. OMG, the Italian food place! Got to see the Austin Browncoats, my friends at Abzu Emporium, and listen to the lovely Tulstin Troubadours. I got my hair braided really pretty with flowers and glitter and everything. knighthorse took pictures and hopefully a few came out well.

The only thing that really disappointed me about the faire was the lack of interaction between the Faire's actors and the faire goers. I almost literally ran into Robin Hood at one point, but nothing...not that I have a character or anything, but aren't they supposed to?

Came home and pretty much fell over.