May 5th, 2010

pumpkin pot

I am awesome!

Last night I made chocolate cupcakes. As a treat for lordaerith I decided to fill some of them with raspberry filling. Even though I didn't have the right coupler for tip 230 (it didn't fit my standard coupler...even though it said it would), I figured out how to use it to inject the cupcakes with the filling. I injected ⅓ of the cupcakes with the filling using the tip, used the "cut out a hole, put in filling, cover hole" method for ⅓ of them, and left the last ⅓ unfilled. Then I iced each type with a different color so we'd know what we were eating. So far, the injection one that was eaten was pronounced not enough raspberry. Not sure if that's because I did it when I was cold, or because due to how I was filling the bag, I couldn't feel the pressure of the filling in the cupcake very well. Will just have to try some more.

In technical awesomeness, I figured out how to get a tag cloud to show up on my lj sidebar, using the code written for my style to make the list and then modify it with the code written for another style. Ha ha!