July 7th, 2010

dharma initiative

Athene and the terrible horrible no good very bad morning

I want to call a do-over for this morning.

First the shower kept losing some of its water pressure (but not temperature, thank goddess). We determined that this was due to the sprinkler system still being on. We'd just figured out how to reset it so that it only came on twice a week for 10 minutes each time, but maybe we didn't get the settings exactly right because it was still counting down when we were leaving for work. Or maybe the time is off. Good-bye water pressure. Good-bye hopefully lower water bill for next month.

At breakfast I poured too much cereal into my bowl and had to put some back. Then we were out of orange juice so I had to drink straight cran-raspberry juice instead of cutting it with OJ like I like to do.

Now I'm at work and we're having intermittent internet problems. This makes getting any work done really tricky and fairly frustrating. Good-bye morning productivity.

I think I'll move to Australia.