July 16th, 2010

Richard diversion

Today is just fired.

Today is fired.

Today started well. That lasted all of an hour. At 7am I get a call from lordaerith. His car died about 10 minutes from home. I jump in my car and drive down to where he is. Give him a jump and his car starts right up. I follow him, but get separated by a red light. End up driving right past where he had pulled in when his car stalled out again. He calls a tow company. Of course our AAA membership expired and we haven't gotten it renewed yet. Wait with Aeirth for about an hour and a half for the tow truck to come. Find out that there's a man threatening to jump off of I-35, so traffic is hell and there are accidents on the other highways because of that. Aerith drops me off at work and goes to meet the tow truck at the repair place.

The ONLY thing I have on my schedule to do today at work is to make a recording of this 93 slide tutorial that I created. Team Member who sits across from me is teaching an online class this morning...so recording at my desk is right out because coworker has a loud voice and the mic is picking him up ever so faintly. So I pick up my stuff and go into the demo room behind us (which almost NO ONE ever uses) and record in there for a while. That's actually going pretty well until i hit a slide that I just can't get right, no matter how many takes I do (and I do a lot of takes).

I go out to lunch with a coworker and we go to Fry's and that part of the day is nice.

I get back from lunch and there's a sales guy giving a demo over the phone to a client in the demo room. Of course he moved all my stuff...and the microphone that I'd so carefully set up on the headset gets knocked out of where it was, which he may have done or I may have done that when I took my stuff out of there. So then Team Member says he has meetings at 2 and at 3. Ok great, I can record while he's in the meetings. But then I find out that they're at his desk. So no recording for me at my desk. I go find an empty conference room and get set up. FINALLY after about 10 more tries I get past tricky slide. Then someone pokes their head in conference room cause it's booked. But luckily room across the way is empty so they just go there. Then I take a look at some of what I've recorded...and I had forgotten to check "Don't record the mouse" in the Camtaisa PowerPoint plug-in. I thought the pointer was hidden, but it turns out that it's randomly in different parts of the slides in the different pieces of the recording.At this point Ii'm on slide 36 of 93. I'm tempted to just leave the mouse in and move on...but i know Bossman will say something about it. I just wanna go home...but of course due to the FUBAR with his car earlier, he dropped me off at work and took my car with him.

Rest of post written at home
I texted Aerith and he was awesome and came and got me early.

Tonight better be better than today! I'm planning on resting (possibly reading more Scott Pilgrim, since I have 2-5 out from the library), and then tonight we're going out to the gay leather bar. Yay!