July 23rd, 2010



Since LoudTwitter seems to have bitten the dust and I haven't seen an option that lets me pick which tweets come here, I'm going to have to manually update my reading list (since I like having a record of it here).

Since July 15:
  • Finished Death Masks, the fifth book of the Dresden Files.

  • Read Scott Pilgrim books 3-5 (OMG, even more excited for the movie than I already was! Can't wait to read book 6)

  • Started Naamah's Curse by Jacqueline Carey

  • Somewhere in that period, or a little before it, I started the third book of the Chronicals of Surrender too, but I got annoyed with it for personal reasons and then got distracted by the other books
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    Rent! Origional Broadway Cast - One Song Glory
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