February 19th, 2011

boris and natasha

Managing high maintenance cats update

An update on how Managing high maintenance cats is going.

We love the cat feeder. Boris is too smart for the cat feeder, but this is okay. The great thing about the cat feeder is that we don't have to worry about being home right after work to give Boris his mid-day feeding and it drops just the right amount for him. Unfortunately, Boris has figured out that if he sticks his paw up the chute, he can get food out of it. The other great thing about the cat feed that we got is that it only pre-drops into the holding area the food for the next drop. So maybe one day he got twice as much food, but every day after that, no food actually drops down, so he sticks his paws up there until he gets all the food in the holding area out. But it is still just the right amount that he is supposed to get and now he has to work for it and it's not all there at once so he has to eat it slower. We consider this a win.

The cat door for Natasha was installed into her cage on Wednesday night. This is proving a little trickier. She still hasn't quite got the idea that she can go in and out on her own. She's also slightly reluctant to use it on her own or without one of us holding it open. But she's getting braver and braver about having it touch her head as she goes in and out, so that's a plus. I think the more we work with her on it, the better it will get. And if when we go away for the weekends she gets stuck in there, well, there's a littler box and food and water for her, so if she doesn't want to get out, she doesn't have to. We consider this on our way to a win (hopefully).

Also, new water bowl is way more awesome than old one. So much easier to tell when the water level is getting low. Another win.

Over all, one full win, one mostly win, and one hopeful win. Us 2.5, high maintenance cats 0.5.