July 29th, 2011

DJ fauxhawk

Two month update

We brought LP to the pediatrician for the first time for his two month check-up yesterday. The visit went very well. He weighed in at 11lbs, 3.5 oz and measured 23.5″ long (or tall as Darius would say). His doctor pronounced him “perfect” and when she put him on his tummy and saw how well he held his head up, she said that he is displaying traits of a 4 month old! She also noticed (like everyone does) just how alert he is. He also had his hearing test and he has good hearing. He must have liked what he was listening to because he smiled toward the end of it both times.

Two Months Old!

The thing that LP didn’t like was getting his vaccinations. We’re doing an alternate immunization schedule so he’s going to get a vaccine every month for a while, instead of a bunch of vaccines every two months. The first one he got was a liquid one and about minute after it was administered he projectile spit up all over the exam table, the floor, and even hit the skirt of the dress I was wearing. Then he got a shot and his eyes opened really wide and he started crying again. So I picked him up and bounced him a bit and he calmed down. Then he had to take what was left of the liquid vaccine, just to make sure, but that wasn’t so bad. He also got a nice Garfield sticker, which made his father smile.

Hello Elephanty Mingo

I was worried that LP would take after me and react badly to the vaccines (if a vaccine says 1% of people get this side effect, I get it). However, the only side effect seemed to be exhaustion and hunger. Even today he has no fever and I can’t even tell where on his leg they gave him his shot. He does seem to have a bit more and slightly more explosive poop today, but that could just be from eating a lot in the past 24 hours.

Happy Two Months my Little Prince!

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