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weird stuff

Due to yesterdays tiredness I was in bed last night before 9:30.  probably closer to 9.  of course I couldn't fall asleep, i sort of half-dozed.  then lordaerith came to bed and i fell right asleep. love to snuggle w/him.

i kept waking up throught the night though.  i remember that i had two nightmares.  but i can't remember what they were.  i think one involved getting something/s from a crate in a wherehouse.  strange.

this morning the plugged in alarm clock and the cd player were flashing.  so i guess the power went out.  good thing we also have a battery alarm clock.  and then the cd player wouldn't read the cd.

but the weirdest thing this morning was getting out of the shower and finding BOTH cats in the upstairs litter box.  very very odd indeed.

but at least i'm awake.  and today I got to make next month's calendar.  they need someone (aka me) to send out a calendar for each month.  But I only have 3 days where I need to put something on them.  So I add fun things with pictures.  For August I added Lammas, Elvis Memorial Day, and Susan B. Anthony Day.  August doesn't have a lot of good holidays.

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