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Good weekend

It started with Thursday night where we ended up watching a lot of the specials on "The Holy Grail" disc 2.  Or should I say "Holy Sake Cup" per the japanese, subtitled into english version.  also have now found out all the words to Robin's Minstrals and Camelot.  Also know what the monks are saying.

Friday was the one year anniversary of lordaerith and I buying our house.  But we were too exhausted from the week to do anything exciting.

Saturday I picked up safirerings and her sister, daisyguitar, and drove down to Starr's shop to try on my wedding bodice.  Overall it fit pretty well and looked really good on me.  I kept jumping up and down in it.  We had to pin one shoulder tighter and it bunched a bit around my hips, but Starr said that the skirt when attached would probably help to pull them out.  But we took pictures to send to Yosa to see what she could do about it.  Now must e-mail her to see if she wants them on cd or printed out.  no, i will not be putting them on here b/c i don't want aerith seeing them.

After starr's we took the really-long-and-windy-but-pretty-rt-32-to-rt-9 way back to Amherst to go see A Cinderella Story.  So bad, but so cute.  And I figured out where the will was pretty early on.  go me!  oh, and the goth dj chick looked so much like violetminka.  It was weird. (edit: i was trying to find pictures of the character/actress, but my break's over)

That night Hera started putting plots into action.  hehehehe.  Troy will pay.  oh yes it will!

Yesterday I made pancakes w/my mixer and watched UHF.  It's sill bad.  even in HDTV.  Then Aerith and I did house stuff and had a wedding talk.  I think we're pretty much on the same thought wave for most of it.  Yay! 

Then I called the Mad Russian and Aerith made potatoes and stakes (from attkins farm) on the grill.  yummy.  right as he was finishing the stakes the sky just opened up.  So the potatoes weren't quite done enough.  I really wanted to run out in the rain, but it was dinner time.  We had a candlelight dinner and the cats didn't even try to get on the table.  Good monsters.

After dinner we were going to play Balder's Gate, but Bend it Like Beckam was on HBO HD and then Mask of Zorro was on cable. 

Tonight is pagan potluck at strumpetone's new-even-closer-so-we-really-have-no-excuse-not-to-go place.
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