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One day I'm gonna be a mommy (but not for a while)

Yesterday Aerith and I went to strumpetone's pagan potluck.  I made my tuna w/cuckumber, apple, mayo, and a bit of ground peper.  It went over pretty well.  There were lots of people there.  Too many to name.  And I finally got to meet msbutterpecan's children.    The 3 year old was so cute.  I picked her up and was walking around with her on my hip.  It just felt so natural.  I even carried her down two flights of stairs.  I made sure she was on my left side, but I bet i could hold her on my right side too.  This makes me soo happy.  The 10-year old took to me imediatly over a talk of theatre, fairies, and showing her Yosa's site, espcially the black dress from Legend (which she recognized).  At some point during the night, we brought the little ones over to play with Boris and Natasha.  The 3 year old was extra cute.  She was running around with the purple feather on a stick making these joyful squeels and coos.  I'm not sure if who was having more fun, boris or the child.  I got a ton of pictures of the two of them.  And the 10-year old has declared that she wants to come and sleep over at my house now, or at least steal natasha. 

*sigh*  So adorable.  One day I will definatly have children of my own.  And I hope they are as well behaved, adorable, and precotious as the two of them.

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