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late nights weekend

Good weekend.

Friday night lordaerith, the Frenchman, and I went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark at midnight at Cinemark. When we got there kjpepper and sundart were already in line. Lots of other people we knew showed up to the movie including mortisnightmare, reverendtom and ionia_dreaming. We were so close to the front of the line that we were able to grab the entire first row behind the bar. lordavon won the dvd box set of the Indiana Jones movies. I knew she would. :)
I stayed awake for the whole thing, even if at one point my head fell down on the Frenchman's shoulder kind of quickly.

We got home so late that I just cuddled up to the frenchman and fell asleep.

Saturday morning I made beignets for me boys (and myself). The frenchman said they came out just right. *squee* a big compliment from someone who used to have them in France all the time.

That afternoon, after the frenchman left, aerith and I went to the mall to run some errands. I had to get my ring cleaned, as i forgot to take it off when making breakfast and beignet mix is sticky. It stuck all over my ring. Luckly I know where to get it cleaned for free. and they made it all sparkley again. While Aerith was in EB pre-ordering GT4, he ran into muninwing. So we had a good talk w/him while walking around the mall. Then Aerith and I headed to Barnes and Noble. They didn't have a copy of the book that i want to look at before I buy b/c i want to make sure that it would be a good wedding resource (i have a feeling it will). Nor did they have any prep books for the junior high math MTELs. so i think i will get one for the SAT II Maths b/c it will probably have almost everything I need.

Then aerith and i went home and started narrowing down the field of photographers for weddings in this area. We are down to about 18-20 (this is a small number concidering how many there are). Now we need to re-look at their sites and try to find prices, etc. Hopefully we can narrow it down more soon and then pick a couple (4-8) to interview.

I bbq'd hamburgers and hotdogs. I got the charcol just right. Aerith said even he's never made such a perfect looking fire. :) unfortunatly, this is me and bbqing so even though everything was working perfectly, I ended up dropping a hamburger through onto the fire. I had to make a frozen one, but it came out ok. Then Aerith and I played Diablo II until 11ish. It's fun.

Saturday night we let the monsters into the bedroom and they were very well behaved untill about 4am. The next morning we awoke to find that one of them had left us a present in the bathroom sink. Now I knew they were peeing in there sometimes and I thought that was cute, but this was not cute at all. So now we are leaving a little stream of water running in the sink to deterr the cats from sitting in there at all.

Sunday we picked up a new (for me) desk from deravyn and ~l. It's currently in multiple pieces in the living room.

Then we went to go see The Man Who Came To Dinner at New Century Theatre. Of course we get there and the company mom immedatly puts us to work taking tickets and the like. The show was pretty funny. Ok, I laughed a lot. Afterwards aerith and i stuck around and helped out with strike. ah, pulling gels and tophats, undoing cabling, striking lights and reorganizing them. I even got to go up to the T-14 catwalk. so much fun! and it was good to see people that we haven't seen in ages again. We were only going to stay for a little while, but we stayed through the whole strike and then went out to dinner at the Brewery w/the whole company. Yay for hyper theatre people. *sigh* I miss theatre! Of course this meant that we didn't get home until 10pm.

We let the cats in at night again. Tasha spent a good deal of the night cuddled up next to me :) They got hyper at about 4am again, so we kicked them out again.
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