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at least it's good training

As catling42 said If you don't kill the kitten (or it doesn't kill you, say my parents) then maybe you can have a baby.

I think these kittens are going to kill me!  Natasha's been throwing up.

Last night she ran like crazy around the downstairs twice and then skidded to a stop in the kitchen.  When we looked at her trail there was nice partially digested food streeking parts of the carpet.  So it's make sure the cat is ok (she seemed fine, just slightly confused),  find all the spots, wipe up them, get the carpet cleaner, scrub the spots, etc. 

She ate ravenously later that night.

This morning we have a little present of starting-to-dry vomit on the carpet in the bathroom.  It's all mostly in one spot.  Of course she couldn't do it on the tiles.  So we clean it up again.

I just called the vet and she said to call with an update when we get home from work.

This is definatly good training for becoming a parent!
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