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Olympic stuff

We've been watching some of the Olympics (it's hard to pass up in HDTV!).

They actually showed women's olympic sabre fencing on Bravo last night!!! Probably just because two Americans got medals. i think this is the first time that an american woman has ever gotten an olympic medal for fencing. Of course they said they would show the bout for first place on "prime time." all we got were highlights between women's beach volleyball and some swimming. yes, women's beach volleyball is an olympic sport. played on sand w/very small bikinis and sunglasses. you know what else is an olympic sport? syncronized diving. mmm...very pretty men in very small bathing suits. and you get to look at two at a time. Now this is a sport I could watch all day!

< geek > They're giving the winners laurel wreaths! So cool!!! And they had a little bit last night on the origional games. How gymnos means "naked" which is how the athletes performed. and how if you were caught cheeting you had to pay for a statue that said you cheeted which would go along the walk to the stadium. They also mentioned how they actually found the site of the games at Olympia. Too bad some of the Olympics this year can't be there. < /geek >

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