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crazy weekend

woooh, what a crazy weekend. friday night lordaerith hung out with the boys and sylvanstargazer (who was our houseguest all week) was over at smith so i had the place to myself and got to have a nice long conversation with the mad russian.

then saturday was helping deryvan and ~l move, editng pictures, and then game. game went really well. after game PE (who's nickname i'm sure i keep changing) crashed here as did bellebet and rogueactor.

this morning i made beignets for everyone. then PE and ssg left and bb and ra and aerith and i went swimming for a bit then went into town and had mr. ceicils bbq ribs and some ice cream at coldstone creamery. the people there are so weird. i agree w/kjpepper's theory that they're a cult. :) after bb and ra left aerith and i just crashed for a while.

it was great to have everyone over, but i think it will be nice to have the house to just us again.

my b/f called from Seatle *squeee*. he seems to be doing well. it was so nice to hear his voice.

oh and there are more kitty pictures here. (i have more than that but i haven't edited them yet).

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