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My poor babies!

Took Boris and Natasha to the vet today to get fixed.  Oh the poor dears.  they were going crazy this morning they were so hungry.  But they went into the cat carrier without a fight at all.  it was so hard to leave them at the vet.  I'm worried about them.  But i'm sure they'll be fine.

in other news, happy b-day verbena76!

Trek tomorrow is happening (even though verbena wil be out of town).  We will watch a movie so bring movies so we can spend 40 minutes arguing over them.  And please come early (before 7).  Also, there will be punch and pie.  you know you want punch and pie (hey, it worked in South Park).

and finally, i have a few g-mail invites.  if you want one leave a comment with your e-mail address.
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