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well, I'm here at Cousin Debbie's in NYC. Really nice apartment! The train ride was really nice and it wasn't even as delayed as they said it was going to be. Coming into New York was really weird. The skyline didn't look right, but it was hard to figure out *excatly* what was wrong. I mean, I knew that the WTC was gone, but it was hard to remember where they were supposed to be.

Cim and Z-dude were at the apartment. That was cool b/c I didn't expect to see them until tommorow or Sun. Cim had no idea that Z-dude was coming up. She was very happy.

We all went out for Chinese food. YAY for really food that is NY food. Then Cim and Z-dude left us to go see Blue Man Group. I wanted to go too, but I think that this was something that they wanted to do alone.

I miss Aerith. *pout* maybe I'll see if I can call him.
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