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the weekend (with lots o' pictures)

Over the weekend lordaerith and I went to NY to visit queencimmy and go to the NY Ren Faire.

It was a pretty uneventful trip. I can make it to Sarah Lawrence College from my house in about 2.5 hours if there is no traffic. It was good to see Cimmy and her friends again, even if Aerith and I crashed early.

Aerith, Cimmy, and I got up early to get ready to go to the faire. winterblack met up with us at cimmy's dorm and we headed out.

we ended up parking in the "it's free b/c it's a little bit of a walk to the faire" parking lot and changing into garb. the walk would have been fine, except for being in a corset and my riding boots which i hadn't worn in ages and so needed to be re-broken in.

Once entering the fairegrounds, the first thing we had to do was, of course, buy a pickle.  Of course this led to all sorts of fun jokes about pickles.  *giggle* 

What was really fun was that Aerith and I had brought with us 10 of the Sacagawea dollars so we could pay for a couple of thing with "gold coins." I guess other people do this too, because most of the faire workers didn't seem to phased by them.

We wandered around for a bit looking at things and then we went to see Cantiga who I had heard on Ren Radio.  They play really beautiful courtly ren music which would go really well in the background at a dinner.  So we bought on of their cds (i really like it).  Aerith (who is now officially incharge of the ceremony music for the wedding) also talked to them about maybe being ceremony muscians.

After that we wandered around some more.  Aerith was trying to find boots and/or a good sword.  We saw some really nice stuff that was totally out of our price range, including an antique sword with an ivory (i think) hilt.

Then it was time for food and drink.  We got soup in a bread bowl (yummy) and I went and got mead for myself and for winterblack's drinking horn.  The guy at the drinks booth was giving me a hard time about having a Mass ID and getting two things of mead, but I looked all cute and he poured them for me.  of course they were small glasses and filled all the way to the top, so I had to lean over a little bit and drink them down ever so slightly.  The drinks guy said that i didn't do it very well so he filled them again which meant I just had to sip them down again ;)

After eating we wandered around some more (seeing a pattern here?) and saw a bellydancer and other stuff, including a store for women's bloomers.  of course we just had to go into it.

Then we were somewhat warm and a little tired, so we sat down on a bench by a tree and took a whole bunch of pictures.



After that we went over to the Kissing Bridge where Aerith and I got engaged last year.  I asked him about 5 million times if he had any surprises for me this year b/c you never know with that man of mine.  Of course being on the kissing bridge meant more pictures.



After all of that (and some strawberry ice in an orange), aerith and i looked at some doublets for ideas for him and he finally bought himself boots.  meanwhile, Cimmy met Jack Sparrow. 

By then we were pretty tired so we decided to leave.

Of course, me being me, I took a wrong fork on the highway and we ended up on this crazy detour through White Plains.  Luckly Cimmy knew how to get us home (via this really really windy and narrow "highway") which made Aerith think of Grand Turismo 3 the whole time.

To see even more pictures, go here (aerith's and my camera) and here (cimmy's camera).

After the faire we all crashed and then just hung out and talked with both cimmy and then her friend.  Aerith and I left early the next morning.

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