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making plans making plans

Hello dear friends.

I am lazy and thus I am posting this instead of calling/sending out e-mails (which i may do never know).

anyway, there are 2 sets of plans that i would like to make.

1) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  you know you want to see it.  and you know you want to see it with a group of friends.  Therefore I am proposing that we go to either the 4:20pm or 7:15pm on Saturday September 18th showing.  Please let me know what would be best for people so we can aquire tickets.  the 4:20 one would be cheeper, but the 7:15 one might be better if people are going to the Pirate Faire earlier that day (after much deliberation, we decided that we just can't make it this year)

2) The Connecticut Ren Faire.  Based on the survay that I posted last week, we will be going to the Ren Faire on October 2nd.  We would like a lot of people to come, espcially the bridal party (you know who you are).  So let me know if you can make it.  We may want to arrange some sort of carpool.

3) (wait, there's a third thing??) Trek night.  Trek night is happening this thursday (as it happens just about every thursday).  please try to arrive before 7:15.  thank you!

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