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wedding shoes or why I hate my feet!

I've started looking for shoes for the wedding.  I know exactly what I want.  A white ankle (or mid-calf) boot with a lace-up (or possibly button-up) front and a 1 1/2 to 2" heal (which is wide enough for me to stand on grass without sinking into it).  Oh, and it has to be in a 10 Narrow to Slim (that's AA to AAA).  can i find this?  no.  queencimmy when looking for me yesterday.  she found the shoe to the right which is almost perfect.  the heal is about 1/2 an inch higher than i would like and it only comes in mediums!  why only in mediums!  my foot is much to narrow for a medium shoe!!!!!  But I'm not disparing yet (fully).  the shoe comes from Touch Ups.  There are a few stores in the area which carry that company.  So all I have to do is contact those stores, see if any of them have it in a 10 (and possibly a 9 1/2 - which usually is too small) and then go try it on.  of course i'm sure it will be too big around the sides.  hmm...maybe i could get a cobbler to add stuff to the inside so my foot doesn't slide around in it like crazy.  or i could just keep looking for shoes.

Also, remember all those photographers we've been looking at.  well, we had two interviews this week.  On tuesday we interviewed Don Hawley and yesterday X-Pressions.  Hawley was really nice and fun and had snakes at his house which i got to play with.  He seemed really interested in the pagan ren wedding and said he may even try to dress in garb.  His finish products were very nice, but i felt that a lot of the proofs were a little on the dark side (especially the indoor shots).  X-pressions on the other had was very umm...professional.  I got the feeling like he would photograph the wedding if we paid him, but he wasn't totally comfortable with the idea.  His price is slightly higher, but his finished work was very nice and his proofs were lighter...then again, we didn't see a full wedding set of proofs.  we did see one of his wedding cds with 160 pictures, but i'm not sure that's the same.  I wish that we could combine the guy from tuesday with the work from wensday.  It's a good thing that we still have one more interview set up (and we can always make more appointments, although we start heading into the higher prices). 
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