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ah, gaming!

Aerith and I went to the first run of the new Dark Dominions last night! so much fun! We are using the new rules (that nobody knows) so most of the night was character creation. But we did get some rping in. I'm gonna really love this character. i'm playing her on a challenge from Aerith. I can't say more b/c there are people from game who read this. Unfortunatly as Aerith had to work early this morning, we had to cut out early (just as everyone was starting to test the political waters so to speak). I want to say so much more (NCE - new chracter energy), but i'll keep it to myself.

oh, and an update on the ipod thing, i only need 2 more referal offers to come through! according to witchchild, the Infone one doesn't cost anything unless you use it. and it seems to credit pretty quickly.

and it's been raining like crazy since yesterday afternoon. i was woken up a couple of times by the force of the storm.
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