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Here I am, bored at work again.

The project that i wanted to work on (one of those on-going, if you don't deal with it every other day it piles up to ridiculous amounts) isn't possible to do right now because the website that I need to access is down.  I've already called IT (in to love the outsourcing) and let them know.  That was over an hour ago.  It's still down.  So instead I'm working on an even more mindless on-going project.  Of course I finished the stuff that actually pertains to my job within an hour of being here.  Since it's dependent on the mail and the mail is spurratic at best... yeah.

I need a new job.  Especially since this one is only a temp one and will probably be done by the end of the year (if not sooner).  The problem is that between working, planning the wedding, taking care of the house, trying to figure out about teaching stuff/grad school, and having a social life, I have almost no time to look for anything else.

Any of you know of jobs in the area?  Anyone's work place hiring?  I can do tech support, customer service, sales, administrative stuff, etc.

If this sounds pathetic/desperate, well, it is.

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