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avast ye, it be the Cruxshadows off the port bow

Went to Haven last night.  It was their pirate party so I dressed all pirate like in a white pesant shirt, blue skirt, blue and white bandana, big gold hoop earings, and mardi gras pearls doubled.  There were lots of other people dressed as pirates there, which was awesome.  I don't think i've seen that much color at Haven ever *grin*  Got to see people and talked with DJ Addam a bit about wedding stuff.  He has lots of garb, yay!

The first band was actually pretty good, from what i sort of heard.

And the Cruxshadows...well, they're the Cruxshadows.  I didn't know a lot of what they played since I don't have the new album.  But I liked it.  Of course since Stacy has left the band and ~l wasn't there, standing to the front left of the stage didn't have the same appeal that it used to.  Eventually I wandered towards the back where I could dance more (damn young-uns not givin' me space to dance).  At one point there was this guy who was really out of it was getting into Rouge's personal space as he came down amongst us lowely mortals.  But security got to him pretty quickly.  In good points, I finally got to hear "Cassandra" and Rouge did a fairly a cappella "White Rabbit" which was really cool.  It was interesting to hear who knew the song and who didn't (made me feel old skool and I really turning 25 in a week??).  And it was the new guitarist (who does have more energy on stage than Stacy did, but while being cute, is not nearly as cute as Stacy) birthday, so we sang him happy birthday all gothic like or something.  It almost sounded like a dirge.  They didn't play "Euridice" even though the crowd was calling for it :( but they do use hubris correctly and have two Apple laptops (connected to the keybords).

Of course now I am tired, even though the coffee is kicking in.  And sore from going to the gym again (i'm really going to try to go regularly) and then dancing after that.  and I left my headphones at home.  grrrrr!
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