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weekendy goodness

Friday night lordaerith and I went to this special pots and pans demo thing where they try really hard to sell you stuff.  We didn't buy any of it, nor did we win a cruise :(  but we did get a 2 night stay in certain hotels in certain areas.  on was for cape cod.  Since we can't take our honeymoon imdeatly, I was thinking maybe we can use it to go out to the cape the sunday and monday night after the wedding.  i've never been to the cape and it would give us a small amount of alone time :)

saturday i ran errands while aerith went to work.  i finished my errands early, so i dropped by sundart's and took a short walk with her.

Saturday night aerith and i went over to kiten and Dr.J's for Mallrats, pizza and butterscotch brownies.  I made the brownies.  I added chocolate chips to them.  I think there were too many chocolate chips.

sunday aerith and i just chilled and cleaned up the bedroom and went to the store and stuff.  we also got his car started and took it for a short ride. Then we had pancakes for dinner because we felt like it. And the Frenchman called from LA *sigh* was good to hear from him (even though I think i did most of the talking). I miss him muchly!

also, throughout the weekend i worked a little bit on our wedding website, mainly the table of the bridesmaids and groomsmen (for those who are on the list, i still need public e-mail addresses from some of you.  send to athene [at] livejournal [dot] com).

this week should be fairly busy:
today: gym, then meeting with photographer
tomorrow: my birthday
wed: gym
thurs: trek
fri: gym?, game (note to self, figure out better way to make a scar on face)
saturday: CT Ren Faire you are all coming, yes yes?
sunday: pagan pride day
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