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stuff. yeah, stuff

Had a very nice b-day despite the rain (it rained on my birthday last year too).  Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy b-day.  I got lots of comments, e-mails, and phone calls.  The Frenchman even called me from LA *happy sigh*  And, he sent me 18 peach roses (which the cats were in the process of deciding if they were food by the time I left this morning for work).

Aerith ordered sushi (due to the rain, we decided not to go out to dinner) and after dinner he made me his special hot chocolate.  yummy!

Oh, and I got "mam'd instead of "miss"d at the store yesterday.  eeep!  am i old enough to be "mam"d???

I feel like now that I'm 25 I should be doing some type of deep reflection on my life sort of thing.  Well, i think my life is going pretty well.  I'm going to marry the man I love, I'm starting to look into grad school/teaching (note to self: sign up for the MTELs), I have a good group of friends, and a loving family.  I guess the only thing i'm not happy with right now is my job, but i'm working (slowly) to improve that.

In wedding news, we interviewed Amanda Gibavic on monday.  I really like her and her work.  She's young, just starting out, so her prices are about the same as the cheapest other professional photographer that we liked.  Actually, she's by the hour and then proofs at $1 a proof.  And she shoots digital.  She's the one who did Matt and Linsday Brenner's wedding this summer. A handful of the pictures of Matt and Lindsay's wedding

And finally, in gaming news, I'm working my way through the Vamp book, I have a character history pretty much finished, and I just purchased these to do the scar on my character's face (while they were the most costly for the actual product, the S+H was cheaper than all other places I looked by a good $3-4).  I'm excited about game on friday! edit: I created a filter for my Dark Dominions Vampire character talk. If you aren't on it and want to be, let me know (if you're already playing DD, then i probably won't add you to the filter)
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