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fantasy vs. reality

What I should be doing:  Finding, printing and sending out EOBs to people.

What I want to be doing: Thinking, writing, and reading about my vamp character.

What I am doing: posting in LJ and hoping no one here notices.

What I did yesterday: Went to the gym with lordaerith where we worked on setting weights and levels and chair heights on the various and sundry machines so that I can start weight training too.  Also applied for two jobs, one at Cooley Dick (thanks omnia_mutantur) and one at Smith.  Send good thoughts that i'll get interviews/get one of the two jobs.

What I wanted to do yesterday: More cardeo.

What I did this morning: Cleaned up the litter boxes which had kitty diareia in them (didn't you want to know that).

What I'm doing tonight: Laundry, Trek, sleep.

Who I wish I was right now: Eloise.

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