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Well, I spent the night at Sarah Lawerence College w/Cimmy last night.. It was actually really nice. We bought a rug for her room in NYC and it looks great. Also, her roomate's parents bought them a self-inflating airmatress. It's really cool and pretty damn comfy. I am glad that i brought my sleeping bag also because it made a nice comforter.

First-years are first-years where ever they are. I think it's worse at SLC b/c they have first-year housing. I really like the way that Smith has all classes living together.

There were these two boys who were around last night who are in the first SLC all boys acapella group. They were singing some stuff. It was really good. Then they sang "Baby Got Back" it was too funny!!!

I think that Cim is going to do really well here. She totally fits in!!!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention that when I got back from the musuem the other day there were these two girls and their parents in the lobby of the apartment building. The older girl (who was probably around 6) was lifting her purple poncho up to her face and saying "I'm a vampire." I just happen to have my teeth with me, so i put them on. Then I turned the the girl and said "How do you know I'm not one too?" She was very impressed with my teeth. So were her parents. They said that they only had the wax ones for their daughters. Then they asked me if I was pagan. I said that I was, but that it was not related to me having the teeth. They mentioned that they wandered into a Pagan Pride Festival a week ago or so.

my mommy's here!!!
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