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playing dressup

mmm...this weekend is all about playing dress up.

Friday night was game. yay for game. my scars haven't come in yet, so i made my own with spirit gum, lipstick, and a bit of makeup powder. it actually came out pretty well. But i still want to use the scars b/c that's more of the look that i'm going for (instead of the bright red line). there weren't as many people there this time, but I had a TON of fun!

Saturday was the CT Ren Faire. With the exception of getting lost (the directions on the site are so badly written, that we got off of the pike at exit 7, not exit 9), we had a lot of fun. It was the perfect faire day. Not too warm and not too cold, great for wearing garb. It was actually a pretty big faire and there were lots of venders and performers and stuff. Got to look at lots of pretty things. And safirerings and i spent way too long trying to figure out who was on this greek coin ring. yup, we're dorks.

After the faire, peoples came back to our place and we made dinners and watched the Italian Job. I fell asleep in the middle of it :)

And today is pagan pride day. so today i'm in pagan drag :) Right, off to pagan pride day. wheee heee.

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