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whew, that was close

*wipes brow* two almost crises in less than 1 hour. wow.

First we started doing laundry. we had enough $$ on the laundry card to start both loads. So we did and then when we went over to put money on the card to dry both sets, the machine was out of order. eeep! luckly the tall couple who live with Chesher were home and so we were able to give them some $$ and use their card (which had money on it). yay!

Second, while the laundry was in the dryer, I signed up for the MTELs. I got all the way through the registration thing and then it regected my card for no good reason (the money to take the test was in the account). I tried on Mozzilla and IE and no luck on either one. So we went and switched over the laundry and then when we came back I tried it again in Mozilla and it worked just fine.

So, to sum up, the laundry is almost dry, I'm taking the MTELs on Nov 20 (eep), and now i'm off to play Diablo II.
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