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wedding update (b/c you don't get enough of them)

Wedding update:

Yesterday I called Amanda Gibavic to ask her to be our wedding photographer.  I think that she does pretty good work, I like the fact that she shoots in digital, and I was very comfortable around her.  Not to mention that her prices were really reasonable and I like the customizableness of it. 

I also called DJ Addam and set up an appointment to meet with him and sort out details and stuff next tuesday at the Haymarket before Haven.

What's next on the sheet of things to do:
1) Find clergy people to marry us.  We're hoping for a priest/priestess combo (we met two sets at Pagan Pride), but I think just a priestess will do if we really like her.
2) Find a florist in the area.  I got the name of Fairview Gardens in Northfield from someone at work.  I'm also thinking Atkins Farms, but it would be an hour transport for the i'm not sure about that.
3) Find ceremony musicians...oh, wait, that's lordaerith's job.
4) lordaerith needs to design his outfit and get it to the seamstress so we can go shopping for his fabric.
5) Go to the Warfield House and start talking to them about the day/time frames/meal options/floor layout.

yup, those are the next big things.  Then there are always the other things that i'm thinking about while working on mindless stuff.  Things like invitations, decorations, getting the wedding party to the seamstress/fabric shopping, finding shoes, etc.  But i think those things can wait for a little bit while we deal with the other things listed above.

And now, lunch time!

edit: I've also been working a little bit here and there on the wedding webpage.
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