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Goddess help us!

Dear Goddess!  Last night lordaerith called his mother to invite her to go to lunch some weekend soon (as his birthday is coming up) at the Warfield House Inn (where we're getting married).  I only heard his side of the conversation but basically she said that she wasn't sure if she was even going to COME to the wedding because of the whole renaissance theme and the fact that it's going to be a pagan wedding, etc, etc.  Finally, I got on the phone with her to talk to her about something else, and then we talked about the wedding a little bit.  She started saying how she isn't sure about all this "devil worshiping" and stuff and how her son must be brainwashed, etc.  But at least she promised to have a discussion about it with us.  I thought we already had this discussion once before...grrrr!  Sometimes she's so impossible!  Must remember, am marrying the son not the mother! 

I could go on and mention how really she's just a sad and lonely woman.  and how to get her to do anything we need to praise her and conjole her.  She should be happy for her son and his choices.  He's actually doing something with himself (he even got ANOTHER raise yesterday).  He has a good job, a house, a car, 2 cats, a fiancee who loves him and he's getting married BEFORE having children (unlike her two daughters who both have children and aren't married...not that i'm saying there's anything wrong with that as that was their choice and their kids are just wonderful!...but if she's as christian/catholic as she says she is, she should look down on that much more). 

I'm sure that she'll come to the wedding in garb and have a lot of fun.  We just have to convince her of this.

Any pagans out there have some good "Paganism 101" books/resources that we can give her to read?

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