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the cat's away

super's on vacation this week.  so, have i been getting my work done? well...somewhat.  I've been about a quarter productive as I could be...but i'm just so unfocused today.  Instead i've been talking to people (everyone welcome blizzard33 to LJ, even if he is a red sox fan) who work here and thinking about the wedding.  today's wedding thoughts: centerpieces.  I'm thinking candles.  either floating candles (kiten, i don't want to step on your toes here) or pillar candles surrounded by glass flutes or something like that. with maybe a wreath of ivory around them.

the weekend good. 
Friday lordaerith and I went into town for pizza and ice cream.  we ended up running into crowgoddess and Britta, whom we convinced to go to Coldstone Creamery with us.  I was smart and got a small (mocha with walnuts and chocolate chips mushed in) but i still couldn't finish it.  And I was right, the employees are now jaded enough that i actually had to ask for my song to go with my tip. 
Saturday I ran some errands while Aerith was at work.  The flower person wasn't there at Atkins Farms, so i left a message saying that i was interested in talking about wedding flowers and the ability to bring them about an hour away.  also found out that my favorite Aveda salon in the area doesn't do travel makeup.  grrrr.  i'm not driving all the way back to florence from charlemont to get my makeup done and then driving back.  must figure out a plan two.  Then wabres showed up and he and aerith plotted for game and stuff while aerith and i worked on cleaning the bathtub.  this meant that i got the exciting job of cleaning the old caulk off of the metal siding that holds the glass doors in place.  after a while we decided to stop and just hang out.  i forced them to watch a really really bad movie (the mother was played by April from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, no wonder she looked familiar).  then we ordered chinese food and watched Pirates of the Carribian.
Sunday was more cleaning of the tub stuff (of course we got started late as X-2 was on HBO HD while we were eating breakfast).  I cut my palm with the scraper.  bleh.  Finally we put the tub back together.  Then we found out that someone peed in the dryers so all of the laundry machines were out of order.  grrrrr.  So we watched American Wedding b/c it was on HBO onDemand.  I'm so glad that it was b/c i'd never pay for something that awful.  I mean, I liked the first two movies, but this one just sucked dockey balls!  The only thing that i thought was cool was that the engagement ring looked almost like mine.  Oh, we also found out that someone actually made Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus and that cartoon network will play it.  We only saw the first 10 min or so, but it was really bad animation and aerith got exasperated at the fact that i was yelling "Herakles not Hercules" at the tv every few minutes.

This week is mostly going to be cleaning for the party.  That's right:
Party this saturday, our house, starting 8ish or so.  Check back here for more details.  e-mail me if you need directions
Tonight is cleaning and we will hopefully be able to get laundry done.
Tomorrow night we're going to be meeting with DJ Addam at the Haymarket and probably staying around for poly meet-up.
Wed is more cleaning
Thurs is more cleaning and Trek (if our cats don't kill verbena76)
Friday is game! (yay!)
Saturday is cleaning, maybe Six Flags if it's nice and Party

right, back to doing something...or not.

EDIT: This morning I saw a dead dog on the side of the highway. it had a bandana around its neck so i know that it belonged to someone. :(

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