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eep!  What a scary dream.  I dreamed that I was in a house and there were dementors there.  James Potter had come up with a potion to reverse the dementors kiss.  My sidekick (i don't remember who it was...ron??) and i were trying to get to the ingredients.  One of them was silver thread.  We were in this room where there was a train going around it and there was a silver handkerchief on/next to the tracks.  We were able to get a little bit of the thread before we had to run out of the room.  We had 2 of the three things that we needed but instead of the third one, wabres put in some ginger candy.  We gave it to James Potter who woke up, but was very weak.  He said that we we had it almost right but we had to do something to some other kind of fruit and use that instead.  Then the dementor chased us out of the bedroom.  We were in the kitchen and we didn't have any silver string, so i pulled out some of my silver hairs and we used those.  we got something that would make it so the dementor couldn't harm us, but it wasn't the revival thing.  The dementor was hovering around the kitchen doorway.  He wanted to test our potion, which was a solid substance...a silver sandwich somehow.  Then I ran out of the house with a little one (ginny??) and we were running away from the dementor, over clothes lines and greenhouses, when i woke up.  I was really really scared and didn't want to get out of bed, and of course at that moment, Aerith decided to roll over away from me.

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