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Official Party announcement:

lordaerith and I are having a party at our house to celebrate our birthdays.  Y'all are all invited.

When: Saturday, Oct 16 (Aerith's actual birthday)
What time:  8pm until we kick people out or everyone crashes
Where: Our house.  e-mail me athene [at] livejournal [dot] com if you need directions.  i even drew a map all by myself.

Should I bring anything:  The only presents we are asking for is your presence at our party.  However, if you want to bring drinks/chips/snacks/etc that will be cool.  I'm going to be making a cake :)

Can I bring someone:  Sure, as long as it's someone we like ;)

Can I crash at your place?:  Defiantly.  We have LOTS of room: 1 futon couch, 3 other couches and floor space.

Anything else I should know?:  1) We have two cats.  If you are 'lergic to such creatures make sure you take preventative measures before coming over. 

2) We're going to try to go to Six Flags earlier that day if the weather is good.  We may have some "get friends in for less money" things that came with our season passes, but i'll have to check to see what the dates on those are.

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