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The Good

Got to see the Frenchman last night.  It was soo wonderful to see him!!!  He has a biker tan.  His face and hands are really really dark.  Gods, I missed him so much.  I never wanted to let him go last night.  I'm wearing the same sweater that i wore last night and it has his scent on it.  I keep catching whiffs of it.  *sigh*  lordaerith and I got to hear all about his trip and we tried to fill him in on what he missed around here while he was gone.  I also intruduced him to Tom Leher whom he had never heard of before. 

We went out to the Haymarket and met up with addambombb to talk about our wedding stuff.  He's sooo cool.  I've never really been able to have a long conversation with him before.  He actually used to work at the Ren Faire that we got engaged at so he has all sorts of garb and stuff.  I'm excited.  Since the beginning of all this wedding planning i couldn't think of anyone else that i wanted as the DJ of my wedding :)
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