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The Bad

I'm going to be training someone later today on how to do the Eligibility stuff that I do.  I used to day dream about how I would train someone to do my job.  However, in my daydreams it was always because I was moving on to something better.  *watches that dream crumble to dust*

I'm starting to get panicky about wedding money.  I'm sure everything will work out, but not having a job is really going to add suck value to it all.  Hopefully lordaerith and I will get decent enough tax returns to help subliment the money that dad is giving us.  But there's still so much to get/buy/find/decide on.  And there are things that i really want, like good shoes that fit me (i found a site that makes custom made shoes at $300 and up) and a wreath of flowers on my head and stuff.  Actually, I think i'm just getting panicky about money in general.  I hate this whole facing unemployment thing.  I was so spoiled by RCN, but they filed Chapter 11 back in August so I guess I wouldn't be working for them right now anyway.

Lastly I had a bad wedding dream (another one) last night.  Something about being in a really fancy hotel room and spilling red pasta sauce all over my dress and then it not coming out and the fabric getting ruined when we tried to blowdry the dress after washing it and there was a big spot on the front of it.  So i ended up wearing safirerings outfit instead (it was the full lenght dress with a colored bit in the middle...nothing like what they are getting).  and then the ceremony was all wrong.  It was inside the hotel and the groomsmen were all sitting on the edge of this raised platform and  there was this kind looking old priest-type man and i got upset b/c things weren't right. 


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